April Newsletter

Dear Partner,

There is much to share this month about the plans for camp, the April 27th “Share the Vision” Banquet, and the coming together of the HYC Staff – but I first need to take some time to update you regarding the health of my father.  I’ve asked my brother Billy to summarize the events of the past few weeks…


Friends - 

Three weeks ago today, we got an urgent call from mom saying that we should come over and check on dad.  He just didn’t seem to be acting himself and didn’t have a lot of strength.  After a quick visit, it was determined that he should head to the ER, and surprisingly, he didn’t argue.  After getting him there, it was quickly determined that he was pretty sick, a pneumonia virus had set in and he had also developed sepsisThey admitted him to ICU, and for the next few days there were numerous doctors and more than a few nurses endeavoring to find out what was happening and how to handle it.


What they determined was that because of the complications, his heart had enlarged and was not pumping enough blood to other organs that had led to some damage done to the kidney and the liver.  Through some adverse medicine combinations, he had also developed a skin rash and was still dealing with cellulitis he’d had since January.  It was decided to start him on dialysis to get the liver and kidney functioning stronger,  at the same time he was put on antibiotics to take care of the virus, and even more to take care of his skin.


While he was being seen by a cardiologist, they wanted to take care of these things first, and then move on to the heart.   The dialysis began to work, and much fluid was taken from his lungs.   After a few days he was moved up to CCU for a few days.  Dialysis continued, but antibiotics were able to be stopped.  Soon thereafter, they began to look for the opportunity to move him to a long term acute care facility.  This would allow for more rehab and therapy to take place while still maintaining a 3 day a week dialysis schedule.  After 2 weeks in Beaumont Southshore, he was moved to the Vibra hospital which was again part of the Beaumont system, for further treatment and therapy. 


He is doing pretty well and definitely continuing to improve each day.  There is occupational therapy and physical therapy nearly every day of the week.  He is now very anxious to be told he can go home, but we are very anxious that he be well and strong so as to assure he won’t be going right back again.  Your thoughts and prayers are most appreciated.  We’re all hoping to have him home soon. 


While I would normally write to you about the coming summer season at HYC, one thing I’ve learned over all these years is that the Hiawatha/Piatt Lake family truly cares for one another and lifts each other up in prayer. My father and mother are both in great need of your prayers. The last month has been filled with every emotion on the chart, and only the Lord knows what the coming days will hold.


At the same time, we have a camp to run and a series of needs to meet – continuing the “Abundant” campaign, getting the auditorium ready for the season, putting together the details for the Share the Vision Banquet coming up on April 27, and inviting you to be part of a special opportunity through a “matching gift” offer from a very kind HYC friend who has promised to match any money raised up to $10,000 over the next month. 


We know all of these things “work together for good,” even while we don’t always know how or why. This is where we exercise our faith. This is where we turn to the Hiawatha/Piatt Lake family for support. This is where the Body comes together and lifts up those who are hurting.


Thank you in advance for being part of such an important time.


Have a great Easter. He is risen!