Letter from the Director

I am Craig Walker, the director of Hiawatha Youth Camp. My wife Lora and I have three wonderful kids: Mason, Max, and Morgan. I am a graduate of William Tyndale College with a degree in youth ministries, and Lora graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a degree in intercultural ministries.  Hiawatha is a special place for us as it is where we both met while working on staff.

Our oldest child is Morgan and she was born with Angolan Syndrome. We love sharing her with everyone up at camp, getting the chance to expose her to people that wouldn’t normally get the ability to be around such a special childPlus, Morgan loves all the attention!

We both share a passion for youth, wanting them to find a relationship with Christ as well as guidance in their lives as to what God has for them. One of the best aspects of our job is mentoring the staff. We love it!

Lora enjoys being a part of the women’s and lakers’ ministries at Piatt Lake. Hospitality is her spiritual gift, so she’s totally in her element hosting events; she’s coordinating anything from women’s breakfasts to Saturday activities for those living around the lake

As parents, having our boys exposed to all of this is priceless. What better way is there for teenagers to spend their summer? 

We want kids to understand that serving Christ is the most exciting thing you can do with your life. No matter what is in your past, God has something special planned for your future. Getting kids to Hiawatha, where they can get outside of themselves, let loose, and have a good time is our priority. We care deeply about facilitating an encounter with Christ, and letting them experience what God can do. A lot of kids live in stressful situations, so having a little bit of heaven on earth gives them hope.

We are grateful for this opportunity that we have to minister to help build the body of Christ. We look forward to seeing you at Hiawatha Youth Camp!