June Newsletter

There are certain things I really dislike about getting older. It takes me longer to warm up to work out then it does to actually work out. Squinting while reading without glasses is a necessity, not an option. No eating past 8:00 p.m. or it's going to be a long night of heartburn. I have no clue about certain aspects of social media or trying to hook up the "bluetooth" to the new vehicle we have. Those are just a few of the disadvantages of getting older.

I am, however, thankful for one benefit of advancing years- the gaining of perspective. The way I look at life at the age of 48 is far different than when I was younger. There have been no huge road blocks in getting ready for this coming summer but there have been a bundle of daily, small setbacks- from personal (knee surgery in April, still not 100%) to business (yesterday two flat tires on trailers and a major piece of equipment breaking down) to family (Mason just graduated from high school) to ministry (the plans for flooring in the dining room have faced literally one obstacle after another, after another).

In the midst of these relatively minor setbacks, I'm reminded that God knows what we're facing, isn't surprised or overwhelmed by any of it, and is in full control of the outcomes. He has an accurate, crystal clear picture of the haze I see before me, and a perfect vision for His purpose and intention.

The same God that empowered David's killing of a lion also stood with him in facing Goliath. That God - the One who has never lost a challenge or been paralyzed by a setback - is same God standing by my side and yours to win whatever battle we're facing today.

I don't have to squint to see His faithfulness in my life and in the ministry of HYC over all these years. As we prepare to head north and launch the 2018 season, I'm reminded that after some of the greatest difficulties in life, awesome blessings have often followed.

We are looking forward to the blessings that await us this coming summer at HYC and are so thankful for your continued prayers and support.


Craig and Lora